Heather caught the dot com bug at the tender age of 17 in 1998 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison while earning her degree in Economics. Her familiarity and love for the industry germinated while working for some of the earliest music websites during the first dot com bubble.

Her fascination with technology brought her to Los Angeles, where she started designing websites for dot com startups. Included among her many accomplishments are launching her own iPhone applications, General Manager of the award winning design firm, Fluidesign, Art Director for the MySpace redesign as well as Marketing Creative Director post redesign.

In 2012 Heather raised 1.3 mil and launched Uncovet, a marketplace focused on indie fashion and home accessories. Focused on trend data from over 30 million feeds, Uncovet's team scoured trending data from Pinterest, Blogs, Svpply, and other social media sites to uncover objects of desire. Heather was brought on to present the data on multiple TV shows such as E! News, Extra & NBC as a trend forecaster to predict fashion week & seasonal trends. 

In 2013 Heather helped Mike Macadaan in creating This is Ground, most famous for the Cord Taco, Cordito and Mod. As an ongoing consultant Heather works on marketing & special design projects.

At the end of 2013, Heather created Clashist, building it into a millennial cult apparel brand focused on pop culture and social issues with its progressive and nostalgic prints on unisex bodies. 

Heather’s current projects include:

This Is Ground - product design and marketing

Omura - creative director for brand marketing

Clashish - apparel line A-Z

Drawsta - augmented reality apparel tech co A-Z