Heather is a rare mix of creative & business focused on growing companies into cult brands with fast-paced growth.

Specializing in creative for digital brands within the luxury, fashion, technology and emerging markets.


  • Creating Companies + Brands + Products from A-Z, all touch points

  • Marketing - Strategy, Positioning, Naming, Identity, Storytelling, Copywriting, Photography, Seeding, Social Media Tactics and Content, Partnerships, Customer Acquisition, Environment, Web + Mobile A-Z, Usability, A/B Testing, Advertising

  • Personal network  - over 1000+ influencers & celebrities relationships + @hlipner 240K

  • Product Design from Strategy, Ideation, Apparel & Accessory Design, Manufacturing

  • Business Operations from Raising Capital, Budgeting, Finance Day-To-Day, Fulfillment, HR/Payroll, P&L, Investor Relations

Press + Awards

100 Creators- Stem, 1 webby nominee, 1 webby honoree, 5 w3s8 horizons, EDAward. For press page, click here.


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